Annual General Meeting

Mornington District Basketball Association – 2019 Annual General meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Mornington District Basketball Association – Annual General Meeting will be held as follows:

Date: Sunday 26th May 2019

Time: 10am

Location: Mornington Hotel, 917 Nepean Highway, Mornington

Chair: Antony Hirst

Minutes: Samantha Browne

Agenda: AGM Agenda 2019

Annual Report 2018 Download

2019 Nominations

The following people have submitted nominations for the Mornington District Basketball Association, Committee of Management:

Lyndsay Baczyk

Position nominating for Treasurer

My name is Lyndsay Baczyk and I am the current Treasurer of Mornington District Basketball Association a position I have held since 2013. I am a qualified CPA with 30 plus years’ experience. During my time as Treasurer the Association has proven to be in a strong and viable financial position and is well set for the future. My goal for the next term is to ensure that the loan for the stadium is paid out and that we are in a financially stable position to fund future infrastructure projects. I have established sound financial processes and work collaboratively with management and staff. I have two children who have been involved at Mornington for a number of years in both domestic and representative programs. I have been involved in basketball for over 45 years as a player, coach and administrator. I am passionate about the game and continuing to support this great Club.

Michelle Bolitho

Position nominating for General Committee

My name is Michelle Bolitho and I am the current Vice President of MDBA. I am nominating as a General Committee member to give a leadership opportunity to another member of our community. I have 2 daughters both of whom play domestic basketball one also play’s representative and coaches. During my term I have been the key driver of Destination 2023, the Association’s 5 year plan and establishing our Values. I am very motivated to ensure that we continue to deliver on our plan and vision. I will continue to be committed to driving more change and bringing girls engagement to the table. I believe that we have really solid foundations in place as a sporting association, a business and a community of people that love basketball. I would like to be considered for another term to ensure the momentum is maintained and girls engagement remains a strong focus for our community.

Morgan Darrer

Position nominating for General Committee

My name is Morgan Darrer and I have been an active member of the MDBA Committee of Management since 2013. So why do I want to nominate for a further term? We have developed into a strong and cohesive Committee of Management with a clear vision and 5 year plan that I can contribute to and ensure that we stay on track to deliver. I am currently the Breakers Under 14 team 1 girls Head Coach and coach of a domestic girls team. I am passionate about providing opportunities for all the children in our community, be it to play the best domestic basketball they can or go as far as their dreams may taken them. I am passionate about kids that want to just run around with their friends and I am also passionate about providing elite opportunities for those children that strive for greatness. I have 3 girls involved in the program in both domestic and representative and our family are all committed to ensuring the success of MDBA.

Ross Gilbert

Position nominating for Vice President and General Committee

My name is Ross Gilbert and I have been an active member of the MDBA Committee of Management for the past 2 years. I am the Breakers Under 14 team 1 boys Head Coach, coach of an Under 14 domestic team and player in domestic senior men’s competition. I am keen to nominate again as Vice President or General Committee as I support and believe in the vision of the Committee of Management. I have two boys in the Breakers program and my wife is also a Breakers Coach and heavily involved at Mornington Basketball in various capacities. I am passionate about player development, ensuring that MDBA remains well governed and that at a representative level we continue to improve. I am a level 2 qualified coach.

Jon Miles

Position nominating for Vice President

My name is Jon Miles and I have been on the MDBA Committee of Management member for the last 12 months. I would like to nominate as Vice President as I bring a sound understanding of business management and people management principles as well as cross functional leadership experience to the committee. I believe these skills are critical to ensuring that the Association continues to be soundly governed and performing successfully at an operational level. I share alignment with the existing committee’s destination 2023 and would like to be a key leader in ensuring that what we promised is what we deliver. I have a strong connection and commitment to Basketball in the Mornington area and genuinely believe in the positive role sport can play in developing young people.  Our family has a very close association with Mornington Basketball, it is often joked that I have a 7 day a week habit with Mornington Basketball, with my children participating at different levels within the association, from Jump ball to Breakers, and my ongoing commitment to the games I play every Thursday evening.

Emma Styling

Position nominating for General Committee

I have currently served the past year as a Committee member with Mornington Basketball and would like to continue as a General Committee member focusing on planning for future facilities. My name is Emma Styling and I have two boys who have been involved in both domestic and representative basketball for 8 years at Mornington. I play an active role at Mornington Basketball as a Team Manager of representative basketball and have enjoyed years of coaching domestic basketball.  I am excited to nominate for a position on the Committee of Management as I believe I can contribute significantly to “Destination 2023”, MDBA’s strategic plan. I believe my skill set and background is aligned with being able to contribute to the planning of future facilities at Mornington Basketball. Mornington Basketball has grown significantly since I have been involved and while participation increases, we must ensure that there is sufficient infrastructure in place. I am concerned if we don’t start planning for facilities now that future generations will not be able to reap the benefits of being involved in basketball, just like my family has.

Geraldine Gordon

Position nominating for General Committee

My name is Geraldine Gordon and I am nominating to be a general committee member with Mornington Basketball. I have 2 sons who play domestic basketball and one who has been part of Mornington representative basketball for the last 5 years. I have played an active role within the Mornington club acting as both an Assistant Coach and currently as a Team Manager with Breakers and as a coach domestically. Professionally, I have been in a leadership position for over 20 years and have a true desire to empower others to achieve their goals. I am therefore passionate about sport and keen to see that players of all ages within the club are provided with the opportunity to develop both their basketball abilities and life skills, including teamwork, respect and commitment. I would like to work collaboratively with the committee to ensure that we meet the needs of the kids who wish to play the sport they love and provide the opportunities for those with the desire and commitment to become elite players. My professional background is in organisational development and business improvement and I am keen to assist in the achievement of the Committee’s plan for change and believe that I can help to streamline or develop processes and practice, where required. I have played sport myself to a high level and appreciate the value of team sports and hope that I can therefore contribute to the continued success of the club.

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