The Mornington Breakers High Performance Program identifies a select number of talented Breakers players that display the greatest potential within the Breakers program or that have been or have the ability to achieve selection into a State level program or State level representation. The program offers professional focussed coaching in a small group environment.

The program will prepare players mentally for elite level basketball, develop goals and basketball IQ, improve advanced fundamentals, increase fitness and overall health.


Selection criteria
Who is responsible for selections

  • The High Performance Coach will discuss the selection of players with the Director of Coaching and Head Coach of the number 1 top age team and number 1 bottom age team in each age group.
  • Where agreement between the three coaches cannot be made, the High Performance Coach has the final decision.
  • In making decisions on who is invited to the program the High Performance Coach, Director of Coaching and Head Coach must consider and be able to demonstrate that the player aligns with the following MDBA values, Sportsmanship, Accountability, Integrity, Community and Respect.


How are players notified

To ensure that the program remains transparent and every player is treated equally the process for invitation to the program will be as follows:

  • High Performance Coach, Director of Coaching and Head Coach agree on the players to be invited
  • Email from High Performance Coach to the General Manager with the name of the player and team
  • High Performance Coach to provide a written invitation to the player, with agreed terms and conditions for the player and parent to sign and accept. (attached)


Who is eligible for selection

  • Breakers boys and girls aged 10 to 17 years who demonstrate the greatest potential to become elite basketball players are considered for selection.
  • Two players from the top age 1st team and two players form the bottom age 1st team in each age group will be selected at any one time.
  • In some circumstances a player from a lower graded team may be considered for selection and follows the same selection process.


Terms and Conditions

  • Players and parents will need to accept the following terms and conditions prior to attending their first session
  • It is a privilege to be invited to the program, which is fully funded by the club and as such players must display at all times exemplary behaviour both on and off the court and act as a positive role model at all times.
  • Players that are invited to the program must be  self-motivated, dedicated, and train at high intensity whilst in the program to improve their basketball performance.
  • Players must show a commitment to Mornington Breakers for the duration of the program and have every intent on being a member of the Association for the following season.


High Performance Mock Up
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